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September 29, 2010 — Updated at 2:49 AM ET

Top Stories

  • Situation Appoints Self Own Best Man
  • Anderson Commissions Vera Wang Bikini
  • Situation Insists Tears of Joy Are Just Sweaty Eyes
  • Situanderson Writing Own "Dance-Vows"
  • Fox News, GOP to Save Rent by Combining Offices
  • DC Craigslist Adds Section To Buy/Sell Votes
  • Vitamin Water Releases "Pacify" Flavor
  • Birthers Now Demanding Obama's Umbilical Cord
  • Poll: 98% of Americans Prefer Bacon to Politics

Recent Stories

  • Verizon Kicks Off Ominous "We Can Hear You Now" Ad Campaign
  • Supreme Court Rules 5-4: Freedom of Speech Only Applies After Net Worth Reaches $250k
  • Diebold Recalls 50,000 Voting Machines: Machines Were Accidentally Made Hacker Proof
  • Redistricting Gives
    Mall of America Own Congressman

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